Power & Energy

Energy Industry

Raw Water System

1) Raw Water System which consists of:
a) Coagulant and Polymer Injection System
b) Clarifier and Sedimentation Unit
c) Multi Media Filter (MMF)
d) Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
e) Sea Water RO Desalination Unit

Demineralized Water System

1) Demineralized Water Treatment System which consists of:
a) Ion Exchange System (SGX)
b) Mixed Bed Polisher (MBP)
c) Electrodeionization (EDI)
d) Reverse Osmosis for TOC removal

2) Regeneration Wastewater Neutralization System

Power Generator Unit

1) Condensate Polisher Unit for removal of impurities such as silica oxides and iron oxides
2) Boiler Feed Water Chemical Treatment
3) Cooling Tower Water Chemical Treatment


Wastewater Treatment System

1) Wastewater Equalization System (Centralized Wastewater Receiver)

2) Physical and Chemical Treatment System which consist of:
a) pH Adjustment
b) Coagulation and Flocculation
C) Clarifier System or Dissolved Air Floatation System (DAF)

3) Dewatering System which consist of:
a) Filter Press, Belt Press and Sludge Centrifuge Decanters

4) Final Neutralization System and Final Discharge