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The R&D Center house a facility where research can take place in a clean room much like those found in semiconductor labs, an essential condition for analyzing the ultrapure water used in semiconductor manufacture and developing systems to provide it. The state-of-the-art Sagamihara R&D Center, It is fully equipped with this next-generation analysis equipment. Even with this equipment, however, it is becoming difficult to measure the purity of Organo’s finest-quality ultrapure water, which is approaching the limits of measurement using currently available analysis technologies.

The R&D Center is constantly striving to refine the fundametal technologies that will support Organo’s future. Specifically, it is working on technologies relating to wastewater treatment linked with global system and material recovery process from wastewater, as well as on the development of new businesses.




Organo’s ultrapure water has found practical application in research laboratories in analytical chemistry and pharmaceuticals production, including Supper-Kamiokande, a research facility of the University of Tokyo that contributed to Nobel Prize winning research into newtrinos. Organo makes a highly valued contribution as a key partner of researchers.